ProxmarkPro Dual Band Antenna

The ProxmarkPro Dual Band Antenna includes one High Frequency (HF) and Low Frequency (LF) inductor along with tuning circuitry matched to the ProxmarkPro. It represents a compromise between read range and the convenience of not having to swap antennas. Using the Dual Band Antenna, there is no need to swap between LF and HF antennas in order to read tags targeting the LF and HF RFID bands.

The antenna is comprised of an on-board PCB trace HF antenna and a wound-wire LF antenna. The LF antenna is connected to the PCB via a JST 2-Pin connector to the board. The whole antenna is wrapped in black shrink wrap to keep everything solid in the field. The footprint dimensions of the antenna are equivalent to our stock HF Antenna.

ProxmarkPro Dual Antenna available on Amazon.com


Read Range

High Frequency  Low Frequency Dual
HID N/A Up to 135mm Up to 85mm
EM4100 N/A Up to 120mm Up to 85mm
T5577 N/A Up to 120mm Up to 85mm
Mifare Ultralight Up to 100mm N/A Up to 80mm
Mifare 1K Up to 95mm N/A Up to 75mm
Mifare 4K Up to 100mm N/A Up to 80mm
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